Arbutus Arts Festival Committee

The Arbutus Arts Festival Committee works hard all year long, devoting their time, energy and ideas to ensure a successful festival for our community. Everyone on the committee has been involved with the festival and community for many years. We would like to introduce you to our current committee members.

Chairman – Sue Miller
Director/Setup – Joey Ambrose
Secretary/Allocations – Sandi Stansell
Treasurer – Matt Marino
Assistant Treasurer – Sean Conlon
Ads/Program – Jeff Salava
Concessions – Sue Miller
Setup – R.T. Vail
Setup – Jobie Waldt
Pizza Stand – Kim Waldt
Pizza Stand – Jean Rigg
Funnel Cakes – Marty Shaw
Website – Sean Stansell
Car Show – Pete Packer
Car Show – Jim Buckingham
Beer Garden – Jeff Utzinger
Crisis Manager/Clean Up – Pete Kriscumus
Publicity – Brandon Kostinsky
Children’s Corner – Rob Benson, Dennis Knowles and Rich Meredith
Assistant – Barbara Cook