Festival Areas

The Arbutus Arts Festival keeps growing so we have divided up the festival into areas. Click on each area below to find the food, snacks, entertainment, activities and crafters in each area!

Arbutus Trail
Arbutus Trail is located in the very center of town, extending from Sulphur Spring Road to Linden Avenue.

Linden Village
Linden Village is located on Linden Avenue, between East Drive and the Fire Department, and on East Drive, just past Linden Avenue towards the large shopping center.

Sulphur Station
Sulphur Station is located at the Sulphur Spring Road end of the festival. This includes both Carville and Oregon Avenues, near the Hollywood Movie Theater.

Southwestern Plaza
Southwestern Plaza is a more expanded area for the festival to include the Fire Department parking lot, Town Hall parking lot, and Union Hall parking lot.