50th Arbutus Arts Festival

Date: Sunday, May 21, 2023
Time: 10am-5pm
Location: East Drive, Arbutus, MD, 21227
Entrance Fee:
– Before Jan 31, 2023 – $125
– After Feb 1, 2023 – $150
Space Size: 16 feet wide x 10 feet deep
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 443-833-4548

General Information

  1. An information packet containing details of allocation spaces, instructions for the festival, and a parking permit will be sent to each crafter by the end of April 2023. Please add our email address ([email protected]) to your address book to prevent our emails from being marked as spam.
  2. For further information, please email us at [email protected] or call 443-833-4548
  3. Once registered, crafters will not receive any other correspondence until packets are mailed in late April.
  4. Crafters are responsible for obtaining their own permanent sales & use tax ID or EIN, if appropriate. If a crafter wishes to obtain a temporary sales & use tax ID for this festival only, the Arbutus Arts Festival Committee will submit their information to the Comptroller Office and a temporary tax ID will be assigned.
  5. Once an application has been processed and approved, crafter will be sent a notification with payment instructions. Payment can be made via check or online credit card payment.

Rules & Regulations

  1. The festival will be held rain or shine. There is no rain date. Refunds will not be issued for bad weather. If the festival is cancelled due to State or County restrictions, crafters will be able to choose to receive a refund or carry over the crafter fee to next year.
  2. Each crafter must provide their own setup equipment and display items. We do not allow generators or provide electricity.
  3. East Drive will be closed to the public as of 6:00am on May 21st. Crafters may unload items on the sidewalk by their assigned space. All vehicles must be off the street as soon as they are unloaded and prior to 7:45am.
  4. If a crafter is not in their assigned space by 9:00am, the space will be sold and money will not be refunded.
  5. The festival is open from 10:00am until 5:00pm. Crafters must stop all sales at 5:00pm and clean up their space at the end of the day.
  6. Spaces will be assigned in an attempt to honor all specific requests. However, the Arbutus Arts Festival Committee reserves the right to make final space assignments and change assigned spaces, if necessary. Crafters will be notified by the Committee of any space changes.
  7. The Arbutus Arts Festival Committee reserves the right to decline any application which does not meet the guidelines or is deemed unacceptable.
  8. The Arbutus Arts Festival Committee reserves the right to limit the number of crafters accepted in a particular category.
  9. Crafters may ONLY sell what is listed on their application. Photos including a representative sample of items must be submitted with the application. Applications without photos will not be accepted. Crafters who pre-register the day of the festival must submit photos before their application will be final approved. Photos may be mailed or emailed to the appropriate address below.
  10. Crafter spaces are 16 feet wide x 10 feet deep. Tents and displays must start at the curb and cannot extend into the street beyond 10 feet. No soliciting is allowed outside of the designated space. Tents must be weighted.
  11. All items offered for sale MUST be handmade by the crafter. Wholesale items are not acceptable. There can be no product changes or product line additions after an application is submitted and accepted.
  12. No food is permitted to be sold or given away as samples, unless prior approved by the Committee. Any food crafter giving out samples of their handmade food items must submit a copy of their temporary food service facility permit.
  13. No fundraising or raffles are permitted.
  14. No pets, bikes, skateboards, roller blades or scooters will be allowed.
  15. Crafters must bring their confirmation letters on the day of the festival and display the vendor parking pass on their vehicle dashboard for entrance to the parking lot.


    (Enter permanent sales & use tax ID or EIN if appropriate, N/A if temporary ID is needed)


    Photos must be submitted via mail or email (to [email protected]). APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE PROCESSED WITHOUT PHOTOS THAT REPRESENT CRAFTER ITEMS FOR SALE.

    Facebook Promotion

    You can choose to participate in our Facebook Featured Crafter promotions. If you opt-in to this feature, your business will be featured in a post on the Arbutus Arts Festival Facebook page, with a photo and a promotional message. The Arbutus Arts Festival Facebook page has over 4,750 followers. Promotional posts are $15.

    Facebook Featured Crafters will begin in March and continue through the day of the festival. Please include the text information that you would like in your post in the space provided below.

    Do you wish to be included in the Facebook Featured Crafters?

    As a material part of the consideration to be rendered by me for the right to participate in the Arbutus Arts Festival, I hereby agree to HOLD FREE from liability the Greater Arbutus Business Association and any of its members individually or collectively for any loss or damage to goods, wares, merchandise, or property in, on or about the area in which the festival is to take place, which may occur at any time, and I hereby waive any claim or cause of action against said association, and any of its members individually, which may arise as the result of any such loss or damage. I understand that the display and/or sale of any items which are not handcrafted will result in my being ineligible for this year's Arbutus Arts Festival, as well as future festivals. I agree to remove articles or leave the festival upon request of the Committee Director or Chairman with no refund if the articles on display are not believed to be handcrafted. I understand that no food is permitted to be sold or given out during the festival (unless prior approved) and that raffles and fundraising are not permitted. I understand that I am responsible for cleaning my area at the end of the day. I acknowledge that the Arbutus Arts Festival Committee has my permission to use photos of my items on the Arbutus Arts Festival website and/or Facebook page. I have read the agreement and agree to abide by all rules of the festival.

    Payment Instructions

    Once your application has been processed and approved, you will be sent a notification with payment instructions. Payment can be made via check or online credit card payment.